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Independent testing facility

Independent verification (shop testing) of your diffusers' performance ensures your customers of the agreed oxygen transfer rate.

We are able to offer an indoor testing tank with a variable height lifting floor. The tank is equipped with its own purification system, keeping the water at drinking water quality without any need to change.

We perform desorption as well as absorption tests. For the latter nitrogen gas is used for oxygen depletion by stripping. This way we save the time and the cost of regular water changes and are able to conduct even extensive test programs in a short time.

Not only water depth and airflow can be varied in this tank but also water temperature. Even 35°C (95°F) can easily be achieved.

Thanks to the tightly closing lifting floor we need 2 hours max for changes of the diffuser layout. There are virtually no limits to multivariate testing schemes.

Round or rectangular? The circular tank (diameter 8 m / 26 ft) can be readapted to a rectangular base (7x4 m/ 23x13 ft). This is achieved by partitioning the water volume with polycarbonate plates preventing any water exchange.

We take a dive for you: Regarding additional services like photography or filming of your diffusers in action there's a lot we can make possible.

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