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aeration efficiency


By means of oxygen transfer measurements we test the aeration efficiency of wastewater treatment plants. Due to the enormous energy requirements for aeration even small improvements do have substantial impact on operational and economic performance. We help our customers to recognize and exploit such potentials. We master all common methods of oxygen transfer measurements and continuously develop them further.

In Detail: OTR Measurements (insitu)




About us

Values & Knowledge: Services on a reliable basis.

As a start-up in the field of wastewater technology, we value both innovative technologies and methods as well as reliable and proven concepts. We know and always keep in mind that process stability and technical reliability are top priorities in our field, even under enormous load fluctuations.

Our goal is to optimise operational reliability and energy efficiency of wastewater treatment plants. Our services are based on our own software systems and hardware components thanks to our enthusiasm about research & development. We are always available for both collaborations and contract work.

Our team combines years of experience in wastewater engineering with a solid methodological foundation (physics, hydrology) and the ability of modern software engineering (computer science). In addition, we are grateful for the close cooperation with Dipl.-Ing. Gero Fröse. For us, his experience represents a time link back to the beginnings of modern wastewater treatment in the 1970s.

We belief in modern corporate management. Our different specializations require clear interfaces and good documentation. The high level of integration of our enterprise software supports seamless continuity of all processes from quotation to invoice, from idea to product. As a result we are efficient and able to offer great mobility, worldwide. Whenever possible we choose the most climate-neutral means of transport, inevitable emissions are compensated by suitable measures.

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Our Team (ltr):
GF Dr. Dipl.-Ing. André Spindler (hardware, data evaluation, simulation)
M.Sc. Alexander Walther (software engineering)
Prok. M.Sc. Hydrol. Hilke Zündorf (microelectronics, computational modelling, data evaluation)


klareau GmbH
Saydaer Straße 3
01257 Dresden
+49 351 896 7887